The courses are accessible and playful. Enjoy your childhood dream’s coming true and get instant benefits for your body and mind. Courses are available all year round.

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Courses information:

Groupe of 10 max
Children courses from 7
Know how to swim

How are mermaid courses divided?

They begin with a short warm-up in the pool, after which you put on the mermaid outfit. The wow effect is immediate: your lower body is shaped up and your legs look amazingly long. It’s time to dive in! The coach will teach you how to do safe and elegant core rolls. You will also explore synchronized swimming moves and apnea/free-diving techniques.

Mermaiding is for everybody!

Whether you are a woman, a man or a child, come and join us.
Mermaid courses are accessible to everybody as long as you like being in the water. You don’t need to be an expert at swimming.
You will be mermaiding in a safe environment: in a swimming pool, with no unnecessary accessories and under the surveillance of a certified coach.

Swim freely in the pool and reveal your inner mermaid.

You will instantly feel the thrill of the speed and the pleasure of moving smoothly under water. Cooling off guaranteed!


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