A touch of Monoï dry oil, a handful of sand,
a sculpted look and amazingly long legs…
And the dream becomes reality…

Always fancied being a mermaid?
With NEREES, the mermaids’ brand, your dream is within your grasp!
Live the experience to its fullest and discover the intense and easing sensations that fin swimming provides.

The speed gathered with the undulating movement, the massage of the water running on your skin and the nice touch of the mermaid outfit, the cooling effect of swimming under water.

Join the Mermaid Gang,
unchain the bold mermaid within!

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a mermaid!

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Mermaid fin,
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Marine Grosjean

Your Mermaid Coach

As a young girl, she wanted to swim like a mermaid. With her brand NEREES, Marine Grosjean makes the dream a reality.

Fin swimming, a sport she has practiced at a high level and of which she became Champion of the World Champion in 2007, in the senior 6km-ocean-swim race.

As a swimming instructor, lifeguard and sport coach, Marine will advise you and correct your moves with the monofin to help you prevent injuries.

Discover NEREES, the mermaids’ brand


Please a mermaid to be by offering her a mermaid tail!

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