Are you fans of water sports (surfing? standing paddle? swimming in the sea?). If so, enjoy gliding/sliding in the water while strengthening your muscle mass and your cardio efficiency.

Fin swimming courses are designed to concentrate your efforts on your core muscles and to help you reach full power when swimming.

Fin swimming courses information:

Groups of 10 max
Children courses from 7
Know how to swim

How are fin swimming courses divided?

Courses begin with a warm up. Your coach will explain to you which muscles you are going to put a strain on and how to prepare your body to get the most of it while keeping safe.

After a couple of exercises with regular fins you will put on your monofin and start fin swimming.

Your coach Marine Grosjean adapts each course according to your needs with accessories of her own design, made to improve performances.

Fin swimming courses require cardio work. You undergo the sessions with intensity and your efforts pay-off surprisingly rapidly.

Marine Grosjean

Your Coach

Former high performance athlete, Marine Grosjean knows how to adapt the accessories to improve the efficiency of your swimming. Some of the accessories she designed for her brand NEREES are used by coaches of the French fin swimming team to enhance the athletes’ performances.


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