Frequently asked questions

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Where can you swim with a fin swimming?

At sea and in the pool.

IN SWIMMING POOL: avoid rush hours where water lines are saturated. If there are few people lifeguards will let you swim in a line reserved for flippers.

Ask the lifeguard to swim in monopalme, the relationship is good, it is better to prevent than surprise.

At SEA : if you are starting out, avoid the beaches with currents and waves. Put on your monofin or suit at the edge of the water and join the ocean by helping you with your arms. Body surfing is possible and very pleasant but reserved for people very comfortable in the rough sea.

I do 38-39-40 which palm to choose?

The little fin : easier to transport, it takes up less space in a pool line. This palm is more toned than the big palm, ideal for aquafitness.

The big fin : More flexible and larger, it adapts very well to mermaiding. Ideal to work on its technique and supports under the water gently. Slightly less convenient to swim at the pool because greater.Les two palms adapt to these sizes, you choose according to your desires and your uses.

I'm pregnant, can I swim in fin?

If you do not have a medical contraindication you can swim in a fin.


Does fin swimming hurt your back?

No fin does not hurt your back if and only if you have good practice.
We do not arch back while swimming in ripple, for that we must tighten his glutes and tummy.
Advocate a course with a graduate and trained in the monopalme for good practice.
After a few lessons you will strengthen your cladding and tone your deep muscles. Goodbye back pain…

Does the mermaid costume Nerees fit it on other fins?

Our Nerees suits are specially designed for our monofins. We can not guarantee the reliability of our suits on other fins.

Is it difficult to swim in a fin?

No, swimming in a fin does not require a lot of coordination and disassociation arms and legs.
It is a swimming very accessible to any level.
However recommend a course if you are less comfortable in aquatic environment.